No On 8
Save The Children

Most Conservative Americans are voting 'Yes' on California initiave #8, which would outlaw gay marriange. But, these days there are scores of children who are dying or getting into trouble almost daily...not from gays...but from the non-gay families that are raising them.

Yet we don't hear a peep from Conservatives or Christians.

And so, The 2008 Duke&Banner Sanctity Of Marriage Awards go to:

Keep in mind this is just a sample of current happenings across the country. Vote 'NO' on 8! Tell the church that if they really care about families, if they really care about children like they pretend to be, then they need to concentrate on the real problem: Families who hate their kids and/or don't know how to raise them, instead of paying out millions of dollars to TV stations on a stupid political campaign!

If you'd like to adopt a good kid who has been abandoned by his family, we are pleased to suggest Family Builders. There's thousands of them, and you just might change an abandoned kid's entire life.

Graphic by Bob Banner & Big Gary. Feel free to use.